Bruno Mars and Cardi B "In Living Color" in 'Finesse' Video

In case you're still catching up to 90s R&B and Hip Hop In Living Color, a TV sketch comedy produced by the Wayans Brothers, pretty much owned urban youth impressions with an all-star cast, launching the careers of Jim Carey, Marlon Wayans, Tommy Davidson, hey, even J-Lo, to mention Jamie Fox.


The only rival, which in more ways was a counterpart, was the hit show "Martin", produced, written, and directed by the comedic star, Martin Lawrence, whose physical comedy style influenced Will Smith in later seasons of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

This tribute is nostalgic for reasons that the show gave visibility to up and coming Hip Hop and R&B artists, like Mary J Blige, Easy E, Public Enemy, Kriss Kross, Heavy D & The Boys, Naughty By Nature, and so many others before embraced by mainstream media, setting the foundation for what would lead much of 2017's most consumed music genre.

Peep the video that's got us New Jack Swinging again! 

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