Numero Group Announces Project 12

 When Numero Group announces a subscription service for rare records and hard-to-find material, we sort of come undone.

Judging from their catalog of prior releases, these are records you won't likely find in a lifetime (unless you are a vinyl veteran and already have dubs), will not be repressed, and will be the envy of your close friends who have a thing for soul, rock, eerie, and psychedelic binges whilst traveling cross country via time machine.

We believe in this sort of offering, because it really is what building a collection is all about. You can own the popular stuff, but we think a collection is a very personal, intimate connection beyond the heavily marketed material. And when the folk at Numero Group bring you platers of the unheard by highly notable talent, we take a bow and salute those who make this sort of thing possible.

We will definitely be of the 1,000 customers to be part of this.

Read the deets and put your money on it here.

And if you're still not convinced, preview some of their catalog on Spotify; it should do the trick!

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