Vinyl Filler Reissues Blocking Indies from Pressing

Kompakt’s Michael Mayer telling Resident Advisor that the delays at MPO are emblematic of larger concerns across the industry: “Ten years ago, the turnaround of record was three-to-four weeks. That was before the majors discovered that they can make a fast buck with vinyl reissues. Now it takes up to 12 weeks until we get finished product. MPO should not be finger pointed here as Kompakt is working with a larger array of pressing plants—big and small, new and established. We find that none of them work significantly faster."

This is especially problematic when considering it wasn't until the last five or so years that majors began paying attention to the format all predicated on independent bands and labels returning to the format as a means to survive and deliver a quality product to fans while touring. 

At least with the plants opening in Virginia, Third Man Records in Detroit, China and recently, Canada, indies will (hopefully) have pressing partners who understand their importance to an industry that's set to break yet another year in sales as the resurgence continues.




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