"Without someone buying it, it will disappear."

So we have to admit: there is much to be desired in terms of the plans we have as it relates to building out our app.  We're continuously making improvements and will share as we poise for international backers on our site

But if you're really curious to know, nothing says what's on our minds more than the instance of this one record store that is attempting to sell its entire collection on Ebay for £300,000.  Like Paul Mawhinney, the seller appears to have had enough and just can't keep the store open.  Paul Mawhinney posted his collection estimated at $50M on Ebay, had an offer for $3M, which eventually fell through a few years back.

Unsure if it's a hike in rent, if the owner has other financial obligations or life plans, either case, we hope to develop a solution that operates much like Square and Square Register to keep record stores in business as long as they'd like to be and to make these sorts of transitions a lot easier on the mind, body and soul. 

The original story via 405.  

Ebay auction.  



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