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Help us bring the best Hip Hop, Rap, R&B and Soul music on vinyl to a discerning audience of music-loving subscribers. 


Current & Future Positions 





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Why Crates is High? 

Our mission is to elevate the voices and influences in Hip Hop, Rap, R&B and Soul music that continue to shape the sound of modern culture. We do that through sharing the knowledge we have in the form of selecting records as service; the bonafide format.

We’re looking for collaborators and partners who are motivated by this challenge, who share our passion for Hip Hop culture and are deeply thoughtful and empathetic.

Crates is High is for those who love vinyl and believe a physical recording is the best way to experience music that promotes artistic longevity. If this all jives with you, then we want to hear from you.


How We Work

Experimentation is encouraged, ideas are heard and collaboration is an offer for everyone to bring their unique perspective to the table. 

The goal isn't to be perfect, but intentional, and mistakes are okay as long as we learn from them. We earnestly believe that if you don't try, you don't learn. To us, this isn't failure, but rather practice and an opportunity for growth and improvement. 


What We Value

We're inclusive of all persons of color, religious beliefs, gender identities and preferred orientations. Different perspectives are valued, validated and considered the vantage point that helps us deliver the best products and services to members of our community.